For support and additional resources there is a dedicated area on for PHP. Another popular option is which provides one liner installation methods for versions 5.3 through 7.3. It doesn’t overwrite the PHP binaries installed by Apple, but installs everything in a separate location php web development (/usr/local/php5). This website will also not tell you which tools to use, but instead offer suggestions for multiple options, when possible explaining the differences in approach and use-case. These PHP development tools are a great start for anyone looking to start web development with PHP.

  • PHP is a flexible, dynamic language that supports a variety of programming techniques.
  • Furthermore, if you want to build a server less application and write, debug, and run code in a browser, AWS Cloud9 is the perfect tool for you.
  • Geany provides a symbol list that helps you to know where the symbol is defined.
  • A rigid project-based structure prevents from taking throwaway notes or performing quick edits.

If you have found the one you like based on the features that are important to you, that’s awesome. If not, and you need recommendations, I would highly recommend using PhpStorm. Codelobster PHP editor has all the features you’ll need, like syntax highlighting, writing PHP code, auto-complete, setting help, and debugging functionalities. Eclipse’s highly configurable user interface allows users to use it with other Eclipse plugins.

Easy and powerful code navigation

Both XDebug and ZendDebugger work well with modern IDEs like PhpStorm and VS Code to solve the issues mentioned above. If you prefer to go straight through the command line, phpdbg comes bundled with PHP since v5.6. In practice, debugging involves looking at the contents of variables during a program’s execution. Another discrete leap was the introduction of Composer, a PHP dependency manager, which certainly drew the line between amateur and professional development. But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, we’ll cover this in-depth later.

What tools does PHP use

To simplify your work on PHP, we have made a list of the 10 best PHP Development Tools that you can use in 2022. The PHP development tool can deploy PHP applications on any server and offers stunning speed. Debugging is an important part of the web application development lifecycle.

Visual Studio (with Xamarin)

Xdebug, PHP’s debugger, can be utilized by various IDEs to provide Breakpoints and stack inspection. It can also allow tools like PHPUnit and KCacheGrind to perform code coverage analysis and code profiling. PHP was created to write web applications, but is also useful for scripting command line interface programs. Command line PHP programs can help automate common tasks like testing, deployment, and application administration. Phpbrew is a tool for installing and managing multiple PHP versions. This can be really useful if two different applications/projects require different versions of PHP, and you are not using virtual machines.

It also provides a development environment for other web languages such as JavaScript, C++, HTML5, and more. Another exceptional feature of NetBeans IDE is the cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Solaris. You can build multi-platform apps in no time with this PHP IDE. Built on top of the IntelliJ IDEA platform, PhpStorm supports all versions of PHP. It also supports the top PHP frameworks of today like Laravel, Zend framework, and Symphony.

Extremely Useful PHP Tools

Offers a Netbeans profiler, a visual debugger, and intelligent code completion, as well as sturdy project management, efficient refactoring, code templates, and getter setter generation. Eclipse PDT is a highly used open-source PHP development tool that does not directly cost you. It has a huge community of developers who work on all sorts of plug-ins and equip Eclipse with features that any other PHP ides development tools have to provide. The right IDE or code editor is more than just a tool for writing good code.

What tools does PHP use

With an easy-to-learn interface that offers support for all major languages, including C# and ASP .NET, and nonstandard extensions like LESS/Sass – there’s no need to find another editor. TextMate is a robust source code editor targeting the macOS platform. The earliest version of TextMate was proprietary, license-required software. VimVim stands for Vi Improved since it is the enhanced version of the Unix code editor Vi. Additionally, Vim has essential capabilities like file comparison and merging.

Productivity tools at hand

PDT is a PHP Development Tools framework that’s part of the Eclipse project. PDT includes all the necessary tools for you to create PHP-based Web applications. Compiles initial templates into executable PHP scripts with very clean syntax and executes them very fast. PHPUnit is a complete port of the popular JUnit unit testing suite to PHP 5. It’s a tool that helps you test your Web application’s stability and scalability.

A RESTful API builder that uses Hypertext Application Language and Problem Details for HTTP APIs. The tools also allow the implementation of validation, authorization, and authentication features. However, Symfony has many helpful learning resources, including documentation and guides that cover more than 20 topics.


It allows syntax highlighting, spell checks, search history, split view, and support for protocols, including FTP, HTTP, and SSH. Notepad++ is an absolutely free source code editor and Notepad substitute that backs multiple languages. It runs in the MS Windows environment and is governed by GPL License.

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It was developed utilizing the Agile methodology, which enables you to provide enterprise clients with high-quality apps. Developers should be aware that Laminas Project is highly customizable and adheres to PHP best practices if they want to build project-specific capabilities. CodeIgniter is a great deal faster than competing frameworks.

Top 8 PHP Development Tools You Can Adopt in 2022

Sublime Text 4 is not an PHP IDE but you can install certain plugins/packages and can make it a suitable editor for developing different PHP apps. Some of the most important packages for this are xDebug client-CodeBug, Sublime PHP companion, Simple PHPUnit, CodIntel, and PHPDoc. Zend Studio is suitable for PHP 7 and is used by most developers for the same. You can write and debug code using Zend Studio and Zend Debugger without spending any extra time.

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