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Communication is the key to unlocking accelerated growth and development. At Achievers ABA, we use Verbal Behavior (VB), Functional Communication Training (FCT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and other language acquisition systems to help children and young adults with autism learn how to communicate effectively. We work with the client’s family and support system to determine exactly what their needs are, and then we work with them to find the most effective way for them to communicate. Our autism therapy center in Indianapolis also offers coping mechanisms so that even when challenging behaviors have been reduced, sometimes children and young adults with autism have a difficult time coping when things do not go their way. Achievers Therapy clinicians work directly with clients on their communication skills. They teach clients different strategies to tolerate unforeseen or unexpected events and situations, including abrupt changes in routine. This allows our clients to feel less stressed out by life’s twists and turns; they can better cope with stressors by knowing what they can do in response.

Services Provided by Achievers ABA :

  • In-home ABA therapy aka
  • At-home ABA therapy
  • Home-based ABA therapy
  • In-home applied behavior analysis
  • Therapy behavior therapy for autism

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