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Crank Motorsport has become a one-stop solution when it comes to customizing your racing car seats for all the makes and models. We fabricate all kinds of car seats that suit you perfectly.

Car seats play an important role in comfort and luxury. Whether you have a small run from office to home or you have to drive for long hours to meet business needs, your car should be perfectly designed. For the exceptional driving experience, we offer multiple options in car seats, including sim racing seats, bride seats, dimple dies seats, and many more.

We also focus on leading makes and models for car seats, such as Nissan skyline seats, 4wd seat, Land Cruiser seats, Hilux seats, Nissan Silvia seats, and Recaro car seats. We have special bucket seats for a sports car seat.

Seat rails are one of the most important components of any seat installation because they provide stability to your seat while also providing attachment points for your seatbelts, headrests and other accessories.

With the wide range of seats, we can install it in your car so that you don’t need to take extra effort once you decide on the best car racing seats for you. We have all the accessories that are required to install a seat in your car smoothly.

Moreover, we deal with high performance to make sure about the optimum performance. We aim to deliver auto body parts with exceptional quality. Apart from seats, we also offer an engine, exhaust system and chassis.

We believe in expanding and developing the automobile industry to offer the best customer services. Our dedicated workmanship rigorously works to improve in modifying the spare parts with the best of their knowledge to give you a unique experience. We are committed to delivering promises by taking advantage of technologies. If you want to experience it, let’s connect with us.

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